Despite some excellent work by Peter Brimacombe and Bill Harrison in checking the Electoral Rolls and following other leads, there are still a small number of the intake who continue to elude us.  The list is published below in the hope that some of you may know of their whereabouts and are thus able to steer us in their direction.  Please let me know (cc: brimacombe@gmail.com) if you know where they are, or even where they were when you last heard from them.

Best Wishes
John Curbishley
Web Manager

8th Intake 'Lost Souls'

BLYTHE Anthony Edward Turner R94169
BROCKMAN John Terence R94175
CROSS Melcolm Arthur R94185
KING Douglas Neil R94236
McDONALD Leslie Neil R94267
MEREDITH Robert Thomas R94251
MONTGOMERY James Henry Havelock R94257
NOLAN Wayne Lawrence R94275
SANDONA Peter Ronald R94332
VINES Christopher R94339
WEIR Kevin Arthur R94348