Mighty 8th Intake JRTE
53rd Year Reunion 2017

The 53rd Year Reunion was held in Canberra in early November 2017

Reunion Photographs are posted below

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Many thanks to Lyn Watkins

Rick Watkins 

  George Picone, Gary Bourke, John Gunn, Bill Harrison                                         

See the lists below for names.  I have no doubt I have made errors with these but just let me know and I will update.

Back Row L to R:
1.  Jim Quick.
2.  Darryl Ward, Gary Bourke, John Gunn, Bill Harrison.
3.  Ken Dickson, George Picone.
4.  Col Sheehan, Lew Strachan.
5.  Rick & Lyn Watkins.
6.  Betty & Brian Sherry, Ray 'Skull' Morse.
7.  Denis & Judy Mulvihill.

4th Row L to R:
1.  ?, Wally Wallace, ?.
2.  Jaap Bos, Mick Cordwell, Reg Warren.
3.  Betty & Brian Sherry, Jim Quick.
4.  ?, Linda Dickson, ?.
5.  Dave Morris, Denis & Judy Mulvihill, Susan & Reg Warren, Guy & Jenny Wall.
6.  Col Sheehan, Bob & Mary Owen.
7.  Betty & Brian Sherry, Jaap Bos, Howard Vandervord, ?.

3rd Row L to R:
1.  ?, ?, Wally Wallace, Ray & Rhonda Niland, ?.
2.  Ray & Bev Morse, Rick & Lyn Watkins, Stuart & Margaret Wright.
3.  John & Oriel Somers, Ken & Linda Dickson, Sarah & John Curbishley (either side of Jim), Jim & Pat Quick.
4.  Bob Green, George Picone, John Gunn, Bill & Alice Harrison, Lou Pares, Mike Hardwick, Lew Strachan.
5 to 7: Lake cruise MV Southern Cross.

2nd Row L to R:
1 to 4:  Lake cruise MV Southern Cross.

Front Row L to R:
1.  Sue Warren, ?, Pat Quick.
2.  Guy Wall, Rick Foster, Jenny Wall.
Bill 'Moses' & Ndaru Leverett and daughter.